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Divine Devirginization

Most people recall their first time vividly and forever. I’ll see to it that your introduction to intercourse is memorable for the right reasons. Being a virgin is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter your age. Only you know when you’re ready. When that time comes, count on me to take your hand & lead you through one of the most pleasurable & natural acts known to man. It’s not uncommon to experience a boost in self-esteem, & you’ll gain valuable insight into the complexities of the female anatomy -- knowledge you can carry with confidence into an unforgiving dating scene. One of the most rewarding & celebrated parties I offer, rest assured that devirginization is every bit as meaningful to me as it is to you. I recognize that this is a landmark moment in your life, & that you likely will be very nervous. My disarming ways will quickly put you at ease, however,& I’ll see to it that the entire experience -- from “hello” to “whoa!” -- feels right. Worried about performance issues? Worry no more. You have the peace of mind of unlimited climaxes, activities & positions, ensuring that we’ll cover not only the fundamentals but the downright fun as well!

Sublime 69

What could possibly be better than giving head? Receiving it at the same time, of course! While I straddle your face and slowly grind myself to toe-curling orgasm, savor my unparalleled oral skills. (See Privilege, Blow.) You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced simultaneous climax through 69.

Back-in-the-Saddle Party

Whether you're celebrating a divorce or breakup, seeking a confidence-boosting rebound, or simply want to reacquaint yourself with affection & intimacy after a long spell of singledom, you can trust me to ensure that the transition is reinvigorating, sweet & silky smooth. You can't change the past; there's no sense dwelling on it. Instead, let's turn our attention to the future, making certain that your needs are met -- finally! -- and your considerable potential fulfilled. I'll help you rediscover elements of your being that you might have lost touch with, through no fault of your own. Life's too short to deny yourself. With me, you are free to indulge!

Breast Sex

Enjoy my buoyant, shapely, all-natural 38C breasts and generous areolas in every way imaginable, in every position imaginable. If you could see me now, you’d see my nipples cramping with excitement.

Watch and Yearn

Perfect for voyeurs & Peeping Toms! Imagine quietly walking in on the girl next door, the babysitter, the maid, the hot sorority girl you’d give anything to bed. While you do what you do when you think I can’t see you, I’ll do what I do when I believe you’re not looking. A finger-lickin’-good party, to be sure!

Exclusive Lessons

And you thought the female mind was complex. It’s nothing compared to the female body, which is loaded with erogenous zones large & small that often go neglected. The ones that aren’t neglected, of course, are widely misunderstood. Here’s where I come in. From the G-spot to the spot behind our ear that gets us every time, I’ll be your guide to pleasuring women -- our way. Not sure if you’re hitting her spot, let alone with optimal friction & intensity? I’ll see to it that you wonder no more. That’s not all, though. As with my other parties, you’re in for a comprehensive experience. There’s an emotional component to intimacy, & we’ll explore surefire methods of attracting & holding a lady’s attention. (Remember, you’ve got to get us into bed before you can make us never want to leave!) Pursue your relationships & the dating scene with confidence and gusto.

Bubble Bath

Feeling especially dirty? Let’s grab some champagne glasses, turn the lighting down low, turn on some mood music and then turn on each other in an all natural hot spring tub. Guaranteed to rinse away your inhibitions! (the water comes out of the ground at 120 degrees so you need to give me a minimum of a couple hours notice so the water has time to cool down.) Of course if you aren't into bubbles - we can just make this a hot tub party - without the chemicals. Consider it a health treatment.

Sensual Massage

Relax, close your eyes & let your troubles fade away. Choose your favorite oil or lotion, or enjoy my soft, bare, knowing hands.Skin on skin is a beautiful thing. If you feel so inclined, explore my curves & make me quiver; a good deed never goes unrewarded in my company. This party may or may not include a “happy ending” -- it could, after all, lead to a happier one! Incorporate a sensual massage into any party, no extra charge.

Role Play

I can be your boss, secretary, businesswoman, teacher, mommy, cheerleader, schoolgirl, sorority girl, babysitter, maid, waitress, naughty nurse, cowgirl, biker chick, master, slave, flight attendant, soldier, policewoman, prisoner, goddess, bride, horseback riding instructor, sister’s best friend, neighbor’s wife … the list goes on & on! Of course, it’s one thing to put on the outfit; it’s another to pull it off. I am VERY convincing.

It’s Greek To Me

Anal penetration featuring unlimited climaxes & positions. Hold on tight, boys, & make it hurt so good!

Build Your Own Party

If you can think of it, we can do it! Don’t be shy. Life is too short to deny yourself the realization of your sexual potential. This is your chance to live out your deepest, darkest fantasies in a safe, legal, nonjudgmental environment, and to do so with a woman who is at least as open-minded and adventurous as you! Remember, unlimited climaxes and positions -- considered “extras” in other bedrooms -- are standard in all of my parties, no matter how much time you book. I will bend over backward (quite literally, in some cases) to please!

Porn Star Experience (PSE)

Ever wanted to star in your own porno? Here’s your chance. You bring the equipment; I’ll bring the heat!

Ultimate Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

You don’t need to be rich to feel like it! The goal of this party is not to replicate any relationship; rather, it’s to establish one unlike any other. When hearts & hormones collide, it’s amazing. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way as we explore the world of sexuality & intimacythat only a lucky few ever glimpse. Perhaps you’ve been loved, but can you say with certainty you’ve been adored? You deserve to be. You will be doted on. Caressed. Held. Kissed. Desired. And, yes, pleased -- physically, spiritually & emotionally. No strings. No inhibitions. The deeply gratifying sex might be the best part of my ultimate GFE, but it’s only a slice of the pie. Can you taste it? Better still, take it with you when you leave; I’m very much open to staying in touch. This ends when you say so, & not a moment sooner.

Overnighters and All-Dayers

Notice that I didn’t say sleepovers; after all, sleep is optional. What kind of trouble can we get into between sunset and sunrise? It’s our night to do as we please, whether we stay in room at Dovetail, private accommodations elsewhere, in an area hotel, or out on the town. Generally a 12-hour block of time but sometimes longer, overnighters are among my favorite parties. Availability is limited, so act quickly if you’re interested. (If you're someone who needs his or her rest, that's cool: You can substitute an all-day party -- generally noon to midnight, but hours can vary) I’ll leave you with this delicious thought: If at some point we do collapse in each other’s arms & manage to sleep, count on seconds & thirds, & fourths before breakfast ever cums!

Love at the Y

Whether you’ve mastered the art of cunnilingus, want to improve your performance, or are a woman overdue for an expert tongue-lashing, I’m your girl! When proper technique, rhythm & intensity converge, the result is nothing short of divine. If you hit my spot just right -- & I’ll see to it that you do -- I can’t help but lock my legs around your head, arch my back & unleash wave after wave of blissful contractions. Clitoral climaxes often are more intense than their penetration-induced counterparts, & a surefire way to leave me begging for more.

Blow Privilege

I enjoy this party far too much to refer to it as a job and I'm not just giving it lip service! When I wrap my soft, eager lips around your rigid member & my tongue begins to dance along its length, methodically coaxing every ounce of delicious energy to a head, you might wonder who’s enjoying the deed more -- you or me. Perhaps you’ve heard the male genitalia referred to as a “package”; the cock is indeed the centerpiece, but there’s so much more to enthusiastic fellatio. From the testicles to the hard patch behind them to the inner thighs, the surrounding area is loaded with criminally neglected nerve endings. If upon climaxing your eyes don’t roll back in your head, your knees don’t turn to jelly and your toes don’t curl like fresh leaves in a campfire, something’s missing. Well, miss no more. Experience what a good hum can do, an exhilarating French Frappe (holding liquids of varying temperature in my mouth while I perform), or grab 2 fistfuls of blond hair while I take you deeper than you’ve ever ventured. Trust me: You’re going to need to hold onto something!

Fetish and Fantasy

No matter your proclivities -- from panties to cross-dressing to considerably naughtier outposts -- you’re likely to find me not only willing but also excited. There's no place for judgment in my bedroom; what gets you off gets you off, & I’m always interested in new twists on age-old sexual concepts. Feel no shame. Check your inhibitions at the door and let’s explore!

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