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You've got questions? Hopefully you will find what you're looking for here.

1. Why are you doing this? I’m openly & shamelessly sexual & a lifelong swinger & nudist. I went to NV for a big sex adventure, worked as a courtesan and became Dennis Hof’s first & only “Madam on the Menu”.   I’m living my fantasies & I’d love n invitation to explore yours as well!

2. My turn-ons? Humor, kindness, cleanliness/hygiene, naughtiness, honesty, open-mindedness, & courage to be yourself are the biggest ones.

3. You seem sharper than the average blond. What's your education background? I majored in psychology as an undergraduate before switching & getting my degree in English. I’m a certified teacher, life coach, Reiki Master, & published novelist with Graduate level training in Psychology

4. Are they real? Do you have any tattoos or piercings? How old are you? Yes, & they're 38C spectacular with nice big areolas! Ears are pierced. I have a little tat on my ass. Cum C4 yourself. You can find out my age by visiting The SCORE Group & looking up “Trinity Powers”

5. What does it cost to visit? We can discuss various options online. There are no set prices but I’ll respect your budget. I always provide the most for your money. Your complete satisfaction (as well as mine), if I have anything to say about it, is my guarantee!

6. OK, I'm really kinky. Can we explore my wildest fetishes? That's the idea! Hey, I've heard it all -- you're not going to surprise or offend me. Screw shame! What gets you off gets you off. Be yourself… Even if you’re into power play, role play, foot play, toys and the like (And that goes for me, too).

7. You mentioned STD testing. I get tested on a weekly basis as a courtesan. When I make films – the testing is even more rigorous than NV law requires. Additionally I’m vaccinated against sexually transmitted hepatitis (just another layer of protection I provide for my clients). I also visually inspect clients for obvious signs of STDs.

8. Do you only accept single male clients? Of course, NOT! I count many married couples among my clients. I often get bookings from someone who wants to do this for his or her significant other, as well. I’m also attracted to women & I enjoy people of either sex in all their different shapes, backgrounds & ethnicities. You can also bring another lady into your party. Or you can bring in more ladies, more men, in any mix & number & really get wild! It's all up to you.

9. I have a disability, erectile difficulties or special medical needs. Can you work with that? Absolutely! I’ll make you as comfortable as possible through whatever means necessary. I put you first. I’m a very sensual as well as sexual person. I love erotic foreplay, enjoying all the senses, & fully embracing the journey. Don’t get me wrong, orgasms are wonderful but they’re not all there is to mind-blowing experience.

10. How come you won't send me naked pics or sex text/chat with me? How do I contact you? Let me put it this way: I go the extra mile for my repeat clients. I also have a site you can go to if that’s your turn on & you can click on the "buy now" to book or buy whatever chat or photos you want.

11. Should I procure a gift or tip? That would be awesome! It’s never a requirement but if I’ve made a good impression on you this is a great way for you to reciprocate. Gifts and tips are very much appreciated -- I am a lady, after all!

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