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Sex Warrior


I’ve been asked by many people what “Twisted Passage” is actually about and how a book like “Sex Warrior” could possibly be a sequel.

I’ve likened “Twisted Passage” to an emotional colonoscopy. It’s a tale of bad decisions, ulterior motives, & wrongs turns that illustrates, in real life, all the $#!T you can expect to go through when you make those choices.

While many were inspired by the fact I survived & emerged from that darkness in one piece, I knew I wasn’t born just to continue to exist. I’m here to thrive, celebrate my humanness, & to fully explore what it really means to be “alive”. That’s why I HAD to write “Sex Warrior”.

In “Twisted Passage”, sexual manipulation & abuse are threads that pull together all other manner of destructive behaviors to create dysfunction. My story struck a chord with so many of you because, in spite of all the sensationalism, the reality is that these abuses are sadly very common. But what do you do after you escape to stand blinking in the light?

There’s a story about a cat that got too close to a fire, got burned, & never went near fire again. Smart cat? No. The assumption made, that ALL fire is hurtful, kept the cat from ever enjoying the nourishing warmth emitted by flame. In my life, I allowed myself to be sexually manipulated so did that mean I had to limit my sexual exploration because I’m a former ‘victim’? Or, could I separate the manipulation from the vehicle used to exercise it?

In fact, a person who’ll manipulate you sexually will be manipulative an every area of your life – emotionally, financially, intellectually, & on & on. To amputate aspects of my personality from myself to avoid reliving the past would, ironically, throw me right back into a past version of myself where I would still be subjugating my desires. I could present a façade of myself to please others but if I do that, can I honestly claim to have survived?

It was in this spirit that I struck out into the sexual arena to fight the good fight. When I jumped into this, it was not without trepidation. But, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I learned so much about my world, relationships, & sexuality & I can’t wait to discover what else is out there that can enrich my experience. And, I can’t wait to share all those details with you!

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